Thursday, November 24, 2011


Why use href="#"?

Yes, I finally figured why people so often use construct

<A href="#" onclick=do something...

whereas I have always been using

<A href="javascript:foo()" ...

Let's look at this test file:
function foo(elm) {
  if (elm == window)
    alert('received Window!');
    alert("received <" + elm.tagName + ">");
<A href="javascript:foo(this)">Click 1</A><br />
<A href="#" onclick="foo(this); return false">Click 2</A>
Second click works as "expected," passing relevant "<A>" node into Javascript function, but first one does not; instead; 'this' is resolved to it's "default" value as current document "window". Also, this behavior seems to be consistent across all major browsers.

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