Monday, September 29, 2008


Samba installation under Ubuntu

In one of the recent posts, I listed some basic steps to configure Samba server under Debian  4; when I tried recently to similarly activate Samba under Ubuntu 8.04, it appeared that due to consistent improvement of Linux distributions, some steps needed to be corrected in some minor ways. Here I list the most important changes for future reference:

  1. Ubuntu is distributed by default with xinit as opposed to init (xinit has a "compatibility mode" which makes it to read and interpret "init" configuration file, but by default it is not created or updated since "init" is not installed). To enable Samba server under xinit, create file "samba" in directory "/etc/xinetd.d" with this (or similar) content (taking a hint from here):
service netbios-ssn
# "port" by default is taken from /etc/services
# port  = 139
 socket_type = stream
 wait  = no
 only_from =
 user  = root
 server  = /usr/sbin/smbd
 log_on_failure += HOST
 disable  = no
 mdns  = yes
 instances = 2
  1.  There is now option "passdb backend = tdbsam", which is very similar to using "smb passwd file", except that there is no need to use specific file; other than that, you can (and should) use smbpasswd to setup encrypted passwords;

  2. "Home directory" special share "[homes]" is commented out by default. Uncomment it and make changes as described.

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