Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Acrobat 7

I almost exclusively use Acrobat (editor) to nicely fill out PDF-based forms; in Acrobat, this is called "Text Box tool" and it often seems to me I am the only one using it for it is often very difficult to find it in otherwise exploding Acrobat menus.

It is even more difficult though to customize colors and fonts for inserted text. It used to be (in Acrobat 5) that font and color were part of "text box properties" (makes some sense, doesn't it?); since Acrobat 6 this is part of special "properties" toolbar; since Acrobat 7 this toolbar is no longer activated by default; you can search all you want for "font" and "color" in the menus but you will not see it anywhere till you activate this "properties" toolbar and select the text.

Very intuitive UI, isn't it? But then again, maybe I am the only one actually using it.


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