Monday, April 21, 2008


My first bugzilla bug report

Just submitted my first ever Firefox bug report: bug 430140

FF-rtl-bug"HTML source as simple as that:
<body style="direction: rtl;">
<img src="">&nbsp;First<br>
<img src="">&nbsp;Second<br>
(use any image you want) causes two lines to be inconsistent: in the 1-st line
image is on the right side of text (correct RTL behavior), but on the 2-nd line
it is on the left size (seems to be inconsistent with RTL requested) while line
itself is right-aligned.

Attempt to separate lines with techniques other than "<BR>" solves the problem
and restores consistent RTL behavior.

Even if I am wrong about correct behavior, there is no reason these two lines
should display inconsistently.

Note: while MSIE and Safari display this correctly, Opera mysteriously
(mis-)behaves consistently with Firefox.


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