Tuesday, July 14, 2009



UbuntuOneLogo My number finally came up, I was able to register for new revolutionary file sharing service by Ubuntu Team called UbuntuOne. The service is still in closed-beta; see some reviews here, here and here.

(There isn’t much information (currently) on the official site, other than installation instructions, mailing list and bugs database)

This is a potentially brilliant idea, because it gives people a convenient way to support financially their favorite distribution, and with solid financial support this could become a reliable backup solution. Correct, there may be cheaper options available on the market, but you never know how long they’ll last (Streamload being a good example of that)

On the other hand, as of right now the service is hardly usable.

Mailing list appears to be relatively low-volume, and I am not sure many people are actually using this – which, given the modest, at best, progress of development and plenty of competitors, does not promise a bright future for this project any time soon, in my opinion.

But, whatever this is going to turn out, the idea was really a good one.

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