Friday, March 22, 2013


Submitted WebKit bug :)

Bug 113001

Summary:Some Hebrew diacritics get messed up on form submission
Product:WebKitReporter:Konstantin <>
Component:FormsAssignee:Nobody <>
Version:528+ (Nightly build)  
Source of PHP script to reproduce the problemnone
When I submit any form which has a text field which contains Hebrew diacritics U+05BC ("dagesh") and U+05B6 ("segol"), in this order, they get submitted to the server in the *opposite* order: U+05B6, U+05BC . While Hebrew word seems "same" visually, this "fixed" order is invalid (or at least non-standard), and regardless, browser obviously shouldn't change data entered into the form on its own, under any circumstances.

To demonstrate this issue, I wrote a simple PHP script (attached, and available online at, which allows user to fill a text field and then upon form submission to compare user input with what was actually submitted (via simple hash sum JavaScript implementation). You can play with it and see that it works fine for almost any text in any language you can enter.

If, however, you use button "initialize", script will initialize the text field to the string '\u05d1\u05bc\u05b5' (bet-dagesh-segol), and upon form submission the comparison test will FAIL; value submitted will be '\u05d1\u05b5\u05bc' bet-segol-dagesh.

This problem is reproducible in any WebKit-based browser I tried (Chrome Windows/Mac, Safari Mac/Windows/iPhone, Debian 6 "Web browser", also on the latest "nightly build", compiled from source on Linux/GTK), while it works fine in IE, Firefox, and (Presto-based) Opera.

P.S. Here is my first and only Firefox bug report (classified as duplicate, fixed eventually)

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